Why should you relocate to Finland and Salo?

Finland is a leading country in science, technology and equality. Finland’s advantages include its unique ecosystem of growth companies, world-class IT infrastructure and technology expertise, as well as its location, which enables equally short flights to Asia and North America. Modern and transparent administration makes Finnish society stable, providing companies with a safe platform for developing their business.

Together with the ecosystem of innovative growth companies, the wide range of services and grants offered by the government make Finland one of the best countries in the world to relocate to. Finland offers a superb growth platform for companies of all sizes and an excellent location for those that conduct or pursue global business.

1. Finland is a gateway for modern business both to the east and west

Finland offers an excellent growth platform for international companies that want to conduct business smoothly on three continents: Europe, Asia and North America. From Finland in Northern Europe, you can fly to a lunch meeting in the largest cities in both the east and west – and back home for the evening.

By relocating to Salo, located only a one hour drive from the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, you can enjoy the nearness of the airport and good transport connections without the additional costs characteristic to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

2. Safe and stable for both companies and people

For companies, Finland offers long-term relocation and a society that enables business growth. Finland is a constitutional state, in which well-being is built on a transparently functioning administration, the best education system in the world as well as equal treatment of people and organisations. Thanks to these elements, Finland is stable as a country and set on a path that is easy to predict.

3. Finland is home to thousands of international companies

More than 4,000 foreign companies operate in Finland. Most of the foreign companies in Finland operate in the health and wellness sector or the ICT industry. Finland is open to direct investments, and relocation to Finland has been made easy for companies. Modern digital services allow matters related to founding and relocating a company to Finland to be taken care of online.

The strong business community in Salo comprises both international and Finnish companies. The companies work in close cooperation with educational and research institutions, and public sector organisations have been founded in Salo to serve companies in relocating to Salo and reaching their growth targets.

4. Finland is a technology superpower

By relocating to Finland, you are relocating to the forefront of technology. The technological expertise in Finland is cutting edge. Finland has long-standing traditions as a forerunner in technology, and Finland utilises new technology, such as artificial intelligence and automation, more than the other European countries. In Salo, a smarter future is being built at IoT Campus, a centre of excellence for high technology and a community formed by companies, researchers and educational institutions.

5. The most skilled and motivated workforce in the world

Finland has the best education system in the world. Finland has skilled and highly educated labour for every industry. Exports form a large part of Finland’s economy, and Finland has long been investing in international relationships and language skills. Almost all working-age people speak at least one foreign language. The most common foreign language is English. In addition to their high skill level, Finnish employees are also famous for their diligence and reliability.

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Olaf Bongwald, CEO Valmet automotive Oy
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